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What is Hazard Ops?

Hazard Ops is a cocktail of shooting flavours, mixed into one hell of a WTF experience! Get ready to shoot, burn, kill and die hard in Infernum's new action packed title. Are you ready for the next generation of third-person shooter?

The Game

It’s the early 21st century and nightmarish monsters are on a rampage throughout the world. It’s your job to stop all the mutants, zombies and even dinosaurs from destroying the planet as we know it. As a gun for hire, you’ve joined the ICF (International Coalition Forces) to claim your stake in saving the world…fortune! Killing monsters for money is better than any day-job you can imagine! Hazard Ops is all about diversity. With a wide variety of game modes, you will always have something (or someone) to kill. Cooperate with your friends in action packed missions, or frag some noobs in VERSUS maps… The choice is yours!

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